Annu Rani: Personal Life and Education, Best Achievements

annu rani

Annu Rani is an Indian javelin thrower who was born on 28 august 1992 in Bahadurpur, Meerut. Rani was the first Indian woman to reach the finals of the World’s women’s javelin throw event in the World of Athletics Championships, in Doha, in the year 2019. Annu had also qualified for the year 2020 in Tokyo Olympics through world rankings after missing out a throw on the Olympic Qualification mark. Her allover career-best effort is 63.24m. Which helped her win the gold medal in the National Interstate Athletic Championship, Patiala, in the year 2021.

Annu Rani

Personal Life and Education

Annu Rani was born on 28 August 1992 in an exceedingly Dhankhar Jat family in Bahadurpur village province. Rani’s talent was first identified by her brother, named Upendra. Who noticed her upper body strength once when she was playing a cricket game. He began to coach her by asking her to hurl sugarcane sticks in an empty field. Annu’s first javelin stick was one that she crafted herself from an extended piece of bamboo because she couldn’t afford one. After then she started playing javelin throw first in the year 2010 at the age of only 18 years old.

Her brother later began to pay money for her training addition, despite her father’s disapproval of girls pursuing sports. He then finally came over to support Annu’s talent. After she proved that by breaking the national record in the year of 2014, and now supports her ambition. 

Best Achievements

In the year 2014 National Inter-State Athletics Championship that was held in Lucknow. Rani is the first athlete who won the gold medal with a throw of 58.83 meters. She was breaking a 14-year-old national record and got qualified for the year 2014 Commonwealth Games.  After Two years she broke her national record again at the National Inter-state Athletics Championship with a throw of 60.01 meters.

Rani also won the silver medal at the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships in Qatar on 21 April in the year 2019 and got qualified for the World Athletics Championship, becoming the first Indian woman with a javelin thrower, where she participated in World Athletics Championship. She has also won the bronze medal at the IAAF World Challenge in the world’s event of Golden Spike Ostrava.

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