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An open letter to Nowhera Shaik on her birthday

You have seen a lot! Endures a lot! And have suffered a lot! Despite all the hurdles you had to win over, you still retain the unshakeable spirit within you. A spirit that can never be shattered in any way. You have paved the way for many young girls to dream big about their life. You have given them the mantra of strength and courage, the two primary forces throughout your life.

From your childhood days to today, you have never run short of courage. Other than courage, it is just not possible for anyone of a young age as that of 25 to even think of starting her own business. But you are Nowhera Shaik, the Nowhera Shaik! A lady who has no fear of anyone.

Today after your success with your business, you are recognized as one of the talent hotspots of this country but the initial days were not this easy! Before Heera Group saw the light of success, it was your hurdles which you had to fight all alone.

You never asked for any credits! This is so unusual for a person during these times when your face value is so much dependent on the façade of pomposity. You never threw an air of pompousness either through your living standards or even your philanthropic deeds. How many people did you inform that you have adopted a whole orphanage with thousands of kids? Does the world know how many schools, colleges, medical dispensaries and whatnot, you have built in the rural areas?

When you had stepped into politics, many people saw a fresh ray of hope. All thought that the days of mundane politics of hate is over but when you fell a victim to the prey of political plotting, our hearts went dry with the very thought of it. You had to go through a constant phase of harrowing for three years. You have endured it all and have again rose from the scratch and have become successful! On your 48th birthday, we want to thank you for paving a path where thousands of girls can trudge through! Wish you a great year ahead.

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