An Approval Of True Motives

The Heera Group of companies have already faced a lot of trouble throughout the case in the Supreme Court and is still facing a lot. Recently the Properties of the Jubilee Hills were met with problems as the property was already stated to be belonging to someone else. As soon as the news broke Dr Nowhera Shaik the CEO of the company went along with her jewellery, critical documents and other important things to retrieve the money of the investor who was found to be fake. The police investigation went on as the ownership of the properties was cross-checked.

Corruption under construction

Khaja Moinuddin, a former police officer declared the property of the Jubilee Hills to be owned by him as he bought it from an anonymous investor of the Heera Group of companies. The fake scenario of the fake investors illegally residing on another’s property made the police take the person under watch. Khaja Moinuddin now must answer to the higher authorities of the company for illegally trespassing on another one’s property. 

After this incident took place, Dr Nowhera Shaik was met with several difficulties as she received threatening calls from people who told her to leave the properties but our strong-willed leader refused to do so. 

The Final Approval

As the property of the Jubilee Hills was under the control of an unauthorised person the Enforcement Directorate or the ED seized all the properties of Dr Nowhera Shaik till further notice. On December 5th of the year 2022, Dr Nowhera Shaik visited the Supreme Court with a sealed envelope containing all the proof of properties with financial details and official ownership proof. 

The Supreme Court then gave its ruling which lifted all the limitations of the properties imposed by the ED. The incident not only showed how good a reputation the company has but also gave a silver lining as the investor’s money will be refunded sooner than possible.

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