Amrita Pritam – Rebellion by birth

Amrita Pritam

Pritam was mentally fierce and poet by heart.

Amrita Pritam was born in Gujranwala hundreds of years ago. She was an important figure in a progressive writers’ movement. She believes literature is life and literature are one and the same. Each poem in her collection conveys a social or moral message to the reader.

Amrita Pritam was able to find space among male poets such as Shiv Kumar and Mohan Singh for her poetry. Her open approach to breaking down social stereotypes and customs earned her the fury of many dominant forces in her day. She was determined to follow the path she chose, and she never faltered. She was a woman and a litterateur. This is what our patriarchal society believes about women. She doesn’t hide it.

Pritam was Rebellion by birth:

Pritam was very perceptive in her childhood. She observed the peculiar tendency of her grandmother. She remembers her grandma holding three glasses on one shelf in her kitchen.

Grandma uses these glasses to serve tea and water to Muslims. She was against her practice of keeping Muslims separate from guests and asked her to only serve tea and water in these glasses. Her house later rejected the idea of having a separate drink. Amrita managed to win her first revolt by forming a resistance.

Maybe her rebellious nature is what allowed her to write some of her compositions before her time. Amrita Pritam was known for her bold, fearless, and radical works throughout her entire life. Many of her writings are opposed by newspapers and other writers from her time. She even had to confront the legal system once. She is open to all criticisms and has a big heart. She never allowed her pen to get scared or falter from the many challenges she was facing.

Her Marriage and Quest for a Love

Amrita Pritam was 16 when she married, but the marriage did not last. In 1960, she was divorced. She has always longed for the man she dreams of and finds him ideal. She sees herself loving a man she has drawn in her thoughts, poems, and heart.

She ended her marriage after having problems with it. Her search for her dream man and love never stopped pushing her. She fell deeply in love with Sahir Ludhianvi, an Indian Film Lyricist and poet.

Raises the voice toward injustice against womenGradually she is a voice for a complete women’s society. She ignites the fires of revolution in the minds of her female readers against the social standard set by male-chauvinistic societies and is off the mark and unfair to women. Night’ and The Scar’ are the two poems of her which are very famous.

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