All that you ought to know about the Heera Digital Gold

Heera Digital Gold

Heera Digital Gold has secured high popularity and trust of people in their venture not just on a national basis but even on an international basis. Over the years, it has worked on improving the various faults in its project and introduced new kinds of trade that always leaves their IBG members amazed.

 Nowhera Shaik, CEO of the Heera Group, is in person a lady who radiates motivation among people and urges them to work hard for ascending steps towards their dream. She is one such woman who empowers women and their dreams not by words but by the actions of a true leader.

We take immense pride to bring to you, dear readers, that Heera Group has launched an elite sub-unit for their very first firm: the gold trade. Heera Gold which has now developed to Heera Group of Companies after years of hard work and smoothly executed business ideas has always believed that prioritizing customers’ interest above all is the first step for any enterprise.

We are here to answer all the FAQs regarding Heera Digital Gold based on the information from the exclusive interview with Nowhera Shaik!

Q: Can a customer order gold bars instead of only buying and selling digital gold over the internet?

 -> Surely, the customer can place an order for gold bars, jewelry, and gold chains in exchange for digital gold. Trusted courier service providers like Blue Dart and Transguard will deliver the gold with top-level security.

Q: What would be the purity of the gold if a client orders physical gold?

 -> For Jewelry and coins, the purity of the gold would be 22 carat i.e. 91.6 grams gold in the alloy. For gold bars, purity remains 24 carats. The pricing varies accordingly.

Q: Would there be any discounts?

 -> There will be discounts for Heera Group’s IBG members (non-profit membership organization) from 5% to 6%.

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