All it takes to be happy – A Life Lesson from an Entrepreneur’s Perspective


Live like an entrepreneur and stay happy like a hermit! There are all of the mantras that you need to feed your soul to stay happy in life. Money is the root cause of all problems but also the most feasible solution to all of them. Nowhera Shaik is a reputed businesswoman and Entrepreneur who knows this fact and tunes in with this belief very firmly. She believes that work hard till you achieve what you want but also never be too attached to anything so hard that it wards off your sleep, your health and everything! In short, never be too addicted to anything. She has always maintained a low-key life even after being at the zenith of popularity.

The very first day she got a handsome amount as her earning, the very first thing she did with it was distributed sweets among the street beggars. She has been a constant support to them in every situation. She has educated thousands of girls with her money. But when she thought about how she could be of further help to more young girls, she vented out her thoughts in the form of a school which she founded. She had also vowed to use 2% of her company profit share in philanthropic activities which is quite an anomaly among business-minded people.

It is not like that she has an issue with people running after money. All she asks them is to contribute a portion of their earnings to societal development. She believes in the spirit of happiness, more than the spirit of the rich. It is very lesser-known to everyone that she has also been a regular funding member of an orphanage that supports more than 1000 kids. She has been a regular supporter of women empowerment and had given employment to thousands of women in her company.

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