Akash Manoj Invention

Akash Manoj Invention

Akash Manoj Invention, He is the first youngest Indian cardiology researcher and inventor belongs from Tamil Nadu. He has especially known for his award-winning research on “silent” heart attacks for aged people. He developed a unique technique that can non-invasively detect and alert cardiac arrest at-risk patients. His method includes transcutaneous isolating, identifying, analyzing, and sensing elevation of palpitations in the levels of a cardiac biomarker also known as heart-type fatty acid binding protein (h-FABP) which is a process that significantly establishes a path to prevent cardiovascular arrest and maintain healthcare.

Akash Manoj Early Life:

Akash completed his schooling when he was only 17 years old; a high school from The Ashok Leyland School in Hosur, situated in Tamil Nadu. His recent interview with Forbes suggested to India that he is currently studying at a medical school in Prague. Akash was awarded the “National Child Award for an Exceptional Achievement; by the President of India Ram Nath Kovind and an award at Intel ISEF in the year 2018. Similarly, he has received several other national and as well as international awards too.

Akash Manoj Personal Information:

Since Akash was in class VIII, he started visiting the library daily at the Indian Institute of Science situated in Bengaluru; he used to spend more than an hour away from his hometown. At the age of only 15, his visiting card describes; him as a researcher in cardiology and as well as an Inventor. That’s when he decided to make a journey to create a device that could able to detect ‘silent heart attacks. A heart attack can be detected by chest pain, mainly pain in the left arm or trouble breathing, symptoms like Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high development of cholesterol on every level that puts a risk of a silent heart attack.

Having a silent heart attack puts people at a greater lifetime risk of having another attack, which could be very fatal in the end. Having another heart attack also increases the risk of complications for a lifetime, such as heart failure and death.

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