AIMEP members must abide by the following disciplinary regulations

Dr Nowhera Shaik

All India Mahila Empowerment Party’s disciplinary guidelines for members state that the National Working Committee’s appointed disciplinary committee has full authority to look into complaints against a member or unit and suggest any appropriate final disciplinary action. If the circumstances warrant it, the disciplinary committee may suspend or show cause notice to a concern or unit while an investigation is conducted.

The lesser associations will be under the State Executive Committee’s supervision

ii) The State Executive Committee is in charge of upholding order in the sub-state level units. The State Executive Committee will take any disciplinary measures are necessary against the errant committee or individual member in the event of any indiscipline, misconduct, or anti-party activity that is brought to its attention.

iii) For the purposes of the aforementioned article I the State Committee may establish a subcommittee. Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, the subcommittee will launch an investigation and, if warranted, suspend the member in question pending the outcome of the investigation.

National Working Committee should receive regular reports from the State Executive Committee

v) Any incidence of insubordination, misconduct, or anti-party action by a National Working Committee member must be brought to the attention of the National Working Committee by the State Committee, along with any pertinent recommendations.

vi) Upon receiving any recommendations in cases covered by clause (iv) above, the National Committee shall consider the matter, and if it is decided, Shall cause an investigation into the matter, and the member in question may be suspended pending investigation if the situation justifies such a course of action based on the seriousness of the allegation/office. To investigate the situation and provide recommendations to the National Working Committee regarding the course of action, the National Committee may establish a subcommittee other than the Disciplinary Committee.

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