You are currently viewing AIMEP has successfully established a stronghold in the political world!

AIMEP has successfully established a stronghold in the political world!

The well-known entrepreneur Dr. Nowhera’s remarkable foundation of the political party All India Mahila Empowerment Party is a unique political party in its origin. Besides the completion of its supportive work, it does much more than just that, all thanks to the guidance of founder Mrs. Nowhera Shaik and the efforts of the political members. Since the day of its foundation, the group has been aiding women in their needs to emerge as successful figures with their most vigilant zeal. 

The lawbook of our country had been oppressing the women of our country but finally, it has accepted the fact that all men and women in our country want to be treated with the same sanity and opportunities. Thereby identifying the universal truth involved in it. Women are out there shouldering charges upon them to support their families at home and are devoting time to society. Henceforth women are now given the right to hold the responsibility to exhibit their latent potential along with unboxing their real worth. There must not exist an impartial system. A system that is not partial can never aim to weaken the personal morale of the women by taking away their fundamental rights and general humane privileges. Such systems can never win against the spiritual strength of women. 

Through the recent reports, Nowhera Shaik has informed that she would return 20% of a person’s investment in the company if they register themselves in the link that has been circulated. She also added that she wishes everyone a healthy and happy Ramzan.  

The article feels vague without the mention of Shaik’s hard work and diligence towards her subjects. When we say there’s no political leader as on-point as Nowhera. She truly is an inspiration for every ruling body. 

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