AIMEP gets an addition!


In the upcoming Andheri by-election, Mrs. Farhana Siraj Sayed will stand as a candidate and promote the AIMEP values via her endeavours. Dr. Nowhera Shaik, the national president of AIMEP, has complete confidence that Mrs. Sayed would effectively represent her political party on social terms. Also, she believes that Mrs. Sayed’s participation will help her party achieve greater political success in India.

Further, she believes political organisations should deliberately offer admission to more women in the mainstream of Indian politics.


A political party like no other

Given the AIMEP ruling, it is clear that many political parties will try to nominate women in order to win their support. However, in actuality, they are not worried about the emancipation of women or with their representation in politics. Since its inception, AIMEP has been upfront about its stance on the progress of women in both the personal and professional realms. The party has worked relentlessly to help women see their actual worth and to give them the resources. Moreover, it has given them the mental support they need to accomplish their goals.

A glimpse of her noble intentions

Over the past ten years, Mrs. Farhana Siraj Sayed has greatly contributed to India’s political development. She has volunteered for several social welfare initiatives and inspired hundreds of women to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and achieve their goals.

Both Mrs. Sayed and Dr. Nowhera Shaik are aware of the challenging circumstances women face as they climb the ladder to success. They have channelized their efforts in each and every sector of our lives and have tried their best to help us.

Mrs. Farhana Siraj Sayed, who is running for office, intends to implement three pillars of social reform. Well, these three noble pillars include the protection of women’s rights, the upholding of women’s rights and improving the overall infrastructure.

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