You are currently viewing AIMEP arranged an Airplane joyride for kids suffering from cancer!
Airplane joyride

AIMEP arranged an Airplane joyride for kids suffering from cancer!

Ms. Aalima Nowhera Shaik, founder, and CEO of Heera Group as well as the chairperson of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, recently took to social media to provide the latest details regarding her ventures. She expressed immense pleasure in announcing the launch of an Airplane joyride for thirty kids.

Airplane joyride

Details of the event

The event was held on the 16th of August,2022. They booked the charter flight S58201 for the joyride. Nowhera Shaik could fulfill the dream of more than 30 children who were on that flight. This gave her immense joy. “We could only do so much as these little things for the innocent souls around us who suffer every day” – Nowhera Shaik feels that this event made her life and career more meaningful. The flight took off at 11:40 a.m. from Mumbai and landed at 12:40 p.m.

Nowhera Shaik’s feelings about the Airplane joyride for kids

She failed to hold back her tears when she saw the smiling, amused faces of the kids, enjoying the ride as they flew high up in the sky. Nowhera Shaik revealed that this was the first time she had arranged an event like this. But surely not the last time. Spending quality time with the children and learning about their lifestyles made her believe in the optimistic view of events in life. Irrespective of the circumstances, one must do their best to stay happy and satisfied.

Campaign’s success:

The campaign was called #nanhemasoomokiudaan and undoubtedly it was a grand success. The children were super excited about this airplane joyride. Their smiling, content faces after the ride was complementary to their excitement before the flight. Nowhera Shaik expressed her gratitude to the Air Charter Service ( ACS ) representative, Ramanpreet Ahuja,  and CPAA for taking an active part in this campaign. She is receiving appreciation from all around. Mumbai Airport and Adani Group all have extended their support to her noble cause.

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