Abhilasha Barak

Abhilasha Barak

Abhilasha Barak is an officer in the Indian Army, she is from Haryana, and was known for being the first women combat aviator [helicopter pilot] from India. She completed her training in the Combat Army Aviation school located in Nashik, Maharashtra. She completed her training for almost 1 year. Barak belongs from Haryana and is a daughter of a retired colonel. Captain Abhilasha Barak became successful after the completion of her six-month-long course for Combat Army Aviation.

Career and Education

Captain Abhilasha Barak graduated from a ceremony that was held at the Combat Army Aviation Training School in Nashik, Maharashtra where AK Suri was the Chief guest at the event. she grew up in military Cantonments area across the country, and joining the Indian Army forces was a very natural career choice for Captain Abhilasha Barak since childhood. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old lady from Haryana got selected as the first woman combat aviator.


In the year 2018, she got trained and was commissioned into the Indian Army by the Officers Training Academy, Chennai. During her attachment with the Corps of Army Air Defense, she got selected as a Contingent Commander for a defense Presentation by President Ram Nath Kovind.

She attained an ‘A’ grade in the Indian Army Air Defense officers’ course for young. After two years of course, when the induction of women as pilots was announced, it all came a full circle for Captain Abhilasha Barak, she said, her father was leading a party from Amar Post – Bana Top Post. But owing to bad weather, her father suffered from Cerebral edema from which he was evacuated right in time and was got back to his position. He owes his whole life to the Army Aviation Corps and hence, so do I” because she was interested in defense related career since childhood.

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