Aakash Gupta

Aakash Gupta is a multitalented Indian comedian, actor, and theatre artist. He was the co-winner of the second season of the stand-up comedy and the competition of the television series Comicstaan. He is well-trained in performing arts and has done a master’s in the art of sketch comedy delhi IIT.

Personal Life and family

Born and raised in Delhi, Gupta did his training at Sumermal Jain Public School. Gupta attended Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University graduating with a Bachelorette in Commerce with Honours. Aakash was first exposed to the theatre in council and where he was well known as a pantomime. He performed in several thoroughfares and stage plays in his council and also colorful other council fests similar to Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi). In his final time, Aakash was the chairman of Native- The theatre society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. After scale Aakash worked as an inspection associate with KPMG for one time, while doing theatre on weekends with different groups in Delhi.


Gupta ultimately chose to quit his commercial job and concentrate on learning different forms of theatre, while keeping up his work in comedy and extemporization. In 2014, he did an externship at Radio Mantra. Gupta further explored acting by bearing professional training in Red Nose Clowning & Commediadell’arte from Indian and German amusement preceptors. After leaving KPMG, Aakash developed an interest in extemporization comedy and joined a comedy extemporization collaborative in Delhi in 2014 called Clueless Improv under the guidance of Varoon Anand, Delhi’s educated extemporization coach. Gupta continued learning extemporized comedy and did multiple extemporizations shows two times with the group.

In 2014, he began pursuing a career in stage-up comedy after performing at an open mic at Akshara Theatre in Delhi. In 2018, the Delhi Metro videotape released came a worldwide viral sensation and has been the loftiest watched videotape on the channel to date. When Aakash auditioned for Comicstaan 2 which was shown on Amazon Prime Video he snappily became a popular competitor amongst cults. He constantly entered the loftiest scores in utmost occurrences. His unique sketch uproarious style landed him in the grand homestretch of the show, and he ended up being the loser of Season 2 along with Samay Raina.

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