A story of Heera Group and its founder

If anyone’s asked whether they have seen anything going as planned, executed smoothly without any mistakes and ending like fairy tales, nobody can answer honestly that they have seen this kind of thing. No story is perfect but each story is special. In this world, everyone wants to leave some sort of story so that people can remember them but not many can do that. One selfless person made it possible. She left a story of her own where the whole world is covered. The story will inspire generations to come. The story is about how the woman went to the extreme for her people. This story is about Dr Nowhera Shaik and the Heera Group of companies.

Back in the days

The company was started with hopes that it would serve the people to some sort of extent. It was then that the dice turned for Dr Nowhera Shaik and the company as it became the fastest growing and one of the major significant conglomerates in India. But a coalition was laid against them which falsely accused them of some false allegations. The struggle began for Dr Nowhera Shaik and the troop but ultimately the true people wore the crown as the Supreme court cleared them out of all things.

A beginning

It’s not the end of a story. It’s a new beginning. In the same way, all the seized properties that were taken from the Heera Group of companies have been returned to make them pay the debts of the investors. Dr Nowhera Shaik recently went to Tolichowki to survey the properties. The court has already placed sale boards in there. The residential and commercial properties have different prices according to the quantity. The investors can demand a residential property instead of money and Dr Nowhera Shaik says she will be very much happy about that. There are smiles on their faces and the Heera Group family is united together stronger than ever and is ready for more things in the future.

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