A Silver lining for the Heera investors

Heera Investors

Heera investors: Wishing the well-being of all her genuine investors, Dr. Nowhera Shaik came up with a recent update. The update was not only positive but also was hopeful for the heera investors restlessly waiting for their money. It is finally the time, Heera Groups are ready to pay their debts and bounce back.

Judging the sensitivity of the situation, Dr. Shaik decided to submit her properties worth Rs. 900 crores to the Supreme Court. She appealed the authorities to liquidate her assets and repay the investors. Moreover, her zeal of standing beside her genuine investors justifies her as the youth icon of India.

Heera Investors
Heera Investors

Supreme Court’s take on the Heera Group Case

The meeting held on the 4th of July, 2022 with the  honourable Supreme Court was indeed a significant one. It witnessed Nowhera Shaik handing over her assets to settle the claimants. Moreover, it was the first time in the Indian Judiciary, that a CEO handed over her properties without a legal order.

Without any judgment being passed, she provided Rs 900 crores to the Court to settle the debt of only Rs 30 crores. Maintaining the authenticity of her words, the process of the transaction had already started. Through her interviews, Dr. Shaik has requested her investors to cooperate and give her a period of one year.

Exposing the false well-wishers

Amid this, a lot of fake claimants and nominees have come up. To confirm their identity, it has been requested to investors to present their real TCM and KYC certificates. Besides, Dr. Nowhera Shaik also warns her genuine investors not to fall prey to false predators. The fake brokers who claim that they can help investors to get back their money are just misleading.

Research has confirmed, that 10-20% of the money has already been transferred to the accounts of the non-complainer. However, the complainers may have to go through a few verifications before they get back their money.

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