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Dr Nowhera Shaik

A role-model – Dr Nowhera Shaik

One of India’s most well-known personalities is Dr Nowhera Shaik. However, she did not receive all of these fames immediately. You can learn a lot from her journey to self-made millionaire from vegetable vendor. She is now the model for thousands of Indian women because of her excellent character traits. Many find her to be an inspiration. Dr nowhera began her career as a vegetable vendor when she was just five years old, eventually progressing to a gold seller. She sold locally purchased gold from goldsmiths. She started her own business with a few other women over time. Heera digital gold was the first company to operate under the Heera empire.

Dr Nowhera Shaik


Dr Nowhera Shaik, CEO of Heera Group, once more made everyone proud with her accomplishment. She has achieved a success that no one could have ever imagined. She is currently the most dynamic person in India. A survey conducted by Fortune India recently concluded that Dr Nowhera Shaik is India’s most dynamic personality. Dr Nowhera Shaik has supported thousands of non-governmental organizations working to educate women and children. In the meantime, she has introduced a number of policies to educate girls. She has worked tirelessly on the crucial issue of women and children.

An initiative taken long ago

At the age of 19, she took the initiative to teach impoverished girls in the area despite dropping out of class in 11th grade. Her educational campaign, which began with just six young women, eventually expanded to a group of 3,000 young people. Now, Heera International Islamic University, which is located in Tirupati, established by Dr Nowhera Shaik. She is the founder of Heera International Islamic University, which is located in Chandragiri in Tirupati. It is probably the only organization that has consistently worked to educate the underprivileged. Islamic knowledge can be disseminated through this platform. A structured approach to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of Islam can be found at university. The university has educated thousands of students and created dozens of original courses.

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