A phenomenal journey of a legend – Nowhera Shaik

It is always very difficult to fight the shackles of the ordinary and establish your position as extraordinaire! Not everyone can do it, but the ones who really can are regarded highly by everyone. Nowhera Shaik is one among those extraordinaire! She has had a phenomenal journey in life.

She has battled all her way up to an extraordinary position. From belonging to a lower-middle-class background to founding a successful business group, Nowhera Shaik has set an example that nothing is impossible!

Her journey started in 1998, the year when she started her company named Heera Group of companies. She started the venture from Tirupati, her hometown. She was not sure about the magnitude of success of her company and thus struggled a lot with the investment in her company.

But things were starting to move in her favour and her company statistics projected significant potential growth in the coming days. She expanded her business venture from Tirupati, then to Bangalore.

She then shifted her business focus from a national to an international platform. She started to expand her company name all across the nation by establishing shopping malls. The shopping malls under the name of Heera Mart was established in states like Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telengana, Maharashtra. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and many other states.

Heera Group initially dealt with gold jewellery, gold bars, gold manufacturing and gold outlets. Heera Gold Jewelleries were pretty popular for a few years. The sales skyrocketed and she thought of expanding her lines of business.

She expanded her company in the field of textiles. All the textiles were manufactured by her company and were sold in outlets in Heera Mart. Heera Mart successfully sold more than 340 grocery products. She has further expanded her business in many different lines. Her growth has been simply phenomenal and is a huge source of motivation to everyone!

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