A little detail about Heera Group of Companies

heera group

Heera Group of Companies, Established by Ms Nowhera Shaik in the year 1998, is India’s most unique privatized business venture, with trade in the consumer goods and academic value chain. The Indian agglomerate corporation was created as Heera Group of companies 23 years ago by Dr Nowhera Nanne Saheb Shaik. Heera Group is a leader in the gold trading business, with its main office in Hyderabad and other ventures spread all across India, UAE, and many other Middle East nations.

Heera Developers: It is a lateral branch of Heera Group that works with real ground development actions occurring in Hyderabad and mobile in other nations also: HD has successfully created a huge client queue in the Middle East and has a trail of highly comfortable bungalow projection of the main city of UAE.

Heera Building Materials: Heera Group has long-lasting

connection with the allocation of firm building goods, they take care of their consumers’ necessities and supply the best quality goods sincerely, at comparable prices and wonderful service.

Heera Tours and Travel: Are you tired of your monotonous work-from-home schedule and want a refreshing break? Then this branch is ought to be your best pal. It is one of the leading travel agency companies that will ensure you a luxurious travelling experience both at domestic and overseas tourist spots.

Heera Foodex: This brand has successfully won the hearts of a trail of customers and it ensures to supply quality food services. This brand’s various wings involve producing, allocating, and selling processed food items to people from all over the world.

Heera Textiles:  Its primary job is to go through the latest craze in the market and the main motto of the venture is to put it up online and also introduce it in Heera Mart( new approach of Heera Group having a trail of shopping malls in all important places). Heera Group has a huge variety of clothes and other daily necessary items which are of premium quality at the most comparable price.

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