A Free School of Future – JNAS 

The Educational sector of any country is the really important thing. In the past times, the people were suppressed with misbeliefs and superstitions as the Higher authorities or the ruling power prevented them from taking education. Now the time is different. Education is a must for all. While it’s a law, it is not followed in most areas. The rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, and other places are deprived of education. While education is a necessity it is not free. The education fees structure of the institutions is high and not a single penny is waived. The poor families who cannot afford their daily food cannot think of education.  

In this time of educational crisis, Mrs. Nowhera Shaik the owner of the renowned Heera Group created the Jamiatun-Niswan As-Salafia Educational Institution for women only. The institution is a strict Madrassa Institution that provides free education to the girls of poor families. The Institution deals with the Islamic Culture to the students. Islamic studies are the main subject. According to Mrs. Shaik, the holy book irrespective of any religion beats the answers to all the questions of an individual and it also helps a person to be a proper human being. The educational quality provided by this institution is of premium level and beats any 7-star facility providing institutes of our country.  

The School also provides the mid-day meal to the students who can’t afford the meal. All the other accessories including the uniform, books, and other things are also free in this institution. The students who pass out from the school are made proper human being who is kind to their peers and possess sympathy for the needy and knows the true meaning of mankind. The educational certificate distribution ceremony of the batch 2021-22 was held on 27th March of 2022 where Mrs. Shaik was present to award the students and also motivate their spirits for the upcoming future. Various personalities who are experienced in the educational field have praised Mrs. Shaik for this Nobel step towards the education of poor and needy women. 

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