A Collective Business System of Support

Nowhera Shaik heera group

It is often said that happiness is increased manifold on spreading. Never have given much thought to this but perhaps there is something in this magical concept of sharing and collective support that helps one grow bigger in life. You may be a very successful person in life but if the person near you is in need and despite all the power, position and resource mobility, you annihilate the chances of lending a helping hand, it is an absolute matter of shame.

Nowhera Shaik has been believing in this theory of collective development for a long time. She has made it clear in all her interviews and press releases that Heera Group is just not hers but belongs to every woman who had worked tirelessly to develop this concept and give it a new shape. She is still the mother at heart who avoids taking up the credit even behind the things she needs to be credited for!

Her development works for women is significant. She allowed them to have a fair share of loans from Nowhera Shaik heera group and run their own business houses. Many women thought of successfully running their business but lacked the support of investors. She had been through this day someday and believes it to be her priority and responsibility to offer assistance and lubricate their road to success for those who are struggling today. Not many people remember the journey to success after smelling the sweet smell of success.

Often the pleasant smell of success is replaced by the acrid odour of pompous show-offs and the person within is lost. Nowhera Shaik plans to avoid being the demon she had once fought with. To the young girls dreaming, she just has one thing to say, ‘Keep going! It is not going to be easy but it will be worth it.’ Nowhera Shaik heera group has helped the women grow in strength through her measures. She has given strength and resources to the women who want to start up their businesses!

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