8 Life Lessons You Can Take From Tom and Jerry

tom and jerry

Nearly every episode begins with a desperate cry for Jerry to eat! Tom employs every strategy, tool, and weapon to kill Jerry. Jerry continues to find relevant ways to escape.

Although Tom and Jerry may have their challenges, enemies, they are both born to overcome them. They bounce back with wins. These two cartoon icons are great examples of life lessons.

  1. Because it is our right, we fight alongside our closest and dearest. It doesn’t matter how often we fight; what matters is how we provide emotional security when faced with threats. Are we there to offer support when they need it? Or do we stand beside them when they feel alone? Do we allow them to feel an inextricable bond? Are you able to share your happiness in the wonderland that is life?
  1. Even a tiny thing can make you feel small in front of someone’s guts, courage, and confidence. Never humiliate someone for their size or height.
  1. Sometimes, you may feel like you know the best way to make it happen.
  1. Confidence is important. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “Nobody can make anyone feel inferior without your consent.” Jerry wins the race and is full of confidence. He can overcome any obstacle, no matter how many times it comes up.
  1. Sometimes, your best friend may act harshly or appear to be your worst enemy. This is not the right time to use foul language or prove your friend wrong. Your friend may expect you to be more sane and wise under challenging situations and will want you to admit your mistakes. There are many ways to express compassion and love. Anger is one example.
  1. It is enough to feel happy with a bit of help, some good food, and a friend.
  1. Sometimes, we don’t learn from our failures. Jerry is attacked in the exact same manner by Tom, and Jerry escapes.
  1. Sometimes, even the most absurd or meaningless tricks can work miracles.

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